New era of smart living

A connected home is becoming the new standard. Minimalistic design combined with smart and affordable everyday-use products are...

Our mission is to offer affordable smart design product to everybody. That is the reason Greera became reality. The range of products we offer are hand picked from the best brands across the market. Currently one of the biggest players in the affordable smart design market is the Chinese based brand Mijia, whose variety of home, travel and storage product lines are by far the best regarding quality and price.

Mi is an ancient Chinese word that transaltes to Home. 

Mi is the unique home brand under the Chinese Xiaomi company. Xiaomi is known for their award winning futuristic mobile phones.

For too long have new smart design products been out of the reach of ordinary people, but not any more.

Greera offers the products, that you have been dreaming of. Welcome to the future and start living.

Why wait for the future when you can start living it?

Make your life easier with the products that you did not know you can't live without.